Frameless Pool Fencing

Frameless Pool Fencing

Bring some contemporary elegance to you poolside with our frameless glass pool fencing. By removing traditional fencing you allow a greater and un-obscured view of your beautiful pool. Applying a frameless pool can assist you in making your yard feel larger and appear more seamless. Not only this but also the added safety features of traditional fencing that it also provides, beauty with peace of mind.

Talk to us today about frameless pool fencing. We design all glass panels to fit any pool specifications or sizes.

Pool Fencing Accessories

Download our PDF files for more information on specific pool fencing accessories.

Pool Fence Spigots



Pool Glass Size Specs

Pool Fencing 12mm Toughened

Stock Sizes (mm):
1190 Height *
Width From: 500-600-700-750-800-950-1000-1050- 1100-1150-1200-1250-1350-1400-1450-1500-1550- 1600-1650-1700-1750-1800-1850-1900-1950-2000

Pool Gate 12mm Toughened

Stock Sizes (mm):

Balustrades 12mm Toughened

Stock Sizes (mm):
970mm High Spigots Size Only *
Width From: 400-500-600-700-750-800-850-950-1000- 1050-1100-1150-1200-1250-1300-1350-1400-1450- 1500-1550-1600-1650-1700-1800-1850-1900-1950-


Frameless Pool Fencing
Frameless Sliding Door
Frameless Pool Fencing